Why Recycling Your Plastic Waste is Important for Your Business

Why Recycling Your Plastic Waste is Important for Your Business

As a business, you might use plastics in your products, packaging materials and even in your in-building products. Due to its bulky nature, companies often desire an easy solution to rid themselves of their waste. But, in a more environmentally conscious world, we need to make sure that we are recycling our plastic waste as much as possible so that it can be reused rather than dumped into the landfill.

Read on to learn more about the impact of plastic on the environment and how we can start making a difference by recycling large-scale today. By taking the time to read through this blog to understand the consequences of not recycling your plastic waste, you can become a more environmentally conscious business today.

Why Recycle Your Plastic?

Many businesses are jumping on the “plastic-free” bandwagon; with supermarkets even opening stores with no plastic packaging at all. Many companies and brands want to be seen as working towards an environmentally-friendly future. And with many of the materials they use contributing to climate change, they have to act now. Plastic products aren’t the issues, just as long as we are reusing and recycling them effectively. Long-lasting plastic products get a lot of use out of them, meaning less need to be manufactured.

But, single-use plastic products are where our issues lie. Even if they are not single-use, often people use the product inside of any type of packaging and then throw it away without considering if it is recyclable. This can happen in your own office; with wrappers, plastic packaging and more just ending up in the general waste. Instead, people can take the time to check if it is recyclable so that they can be recycled into different products in the future. For instance, brands such as Nike have promised to only use recycled plastics in all of their clothes and shoes by 2024. Plastics that are recyclable can be sorted into plastic-type before being re-shaped and moulded into new products for consumers.

Unlike companies such as Nike, there are still businesses out there who do sell single-use plastics; meaning even if we did make the conscious effort to recycle them, they have to be put into general waste. This is where businesses need to re-think what materials they are using for their packaging; although it may seem more costly, not only is it costing the environment less but as you’re able to reuse the packaging, you don’t need to spend more money on more.

Rather than letting consumers use your products and then dispose of them as waste, you can alter your product(s) model so that you have more recyclable designs. Not only will your brand name gain positive publicity due to this change, but your product will also be associated with sustainability and it’ll be a more popular choice on the market. This is called recyclability by design, but this is only one way that you can start to be more environmentally conscious as a business. Read on for some more ideas and tips.

How to Recycle Plastic Effectively

Fresco Environmental can help you as a business to cut down on your plastic waste. Waste can accumulate from making your products to the lunch wrappers that your staff bring in to the workplace. Government legislation now places responsibility for many companies to recycle their packaging waste and then provide evidence of this. Follow in their footsteps and get Fresco Environmental to help you effectively recycle your plastic waste.

We offer competitive rebates for plastics, as well as supply your company with a polythene collection service, wheelie bins, compactors and balers and even front end loaders (FEL) based on your business needs. No matter the amount of plastic waste, we are dedicated to avoiding putting it into landfill, and instead, recycle it for reuse in the future. As a total waste management company, we handle everything to do with your waste, so that you don’t have to. We have a friendly conversation with you and an on-site visit to learn more about your business so that we can tailor our service to your needs. You don’t need to worry about expensive recycling costs, and instead, focus on your businesses needs.

Plastic is a sturdy material, and if dumped in a landfill, it will take many, many years to deteriorate. We need to start recycling now if we want to impact our future for the better and cut down on plastic waste. Check out our website to learn more about our services and the specialist equipment that we use to safely and correctly dispose of your plastics so that it is economically friendly.

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