Why Retail Companies Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Going Waste-Free

Why Retail Companies Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Going Waste-Free

As a generation, we have suddenly become more publicly vocal about our concerns about the environment. Many of us believe that we have been silenced and ignored for far too long, and now, unfortunately, the issue is becoming increasingly close to being unsolvable. So, we have to start making a change now. Today, we’re going to focus on retail; the retail industry has just as many responsibilities in reducing their waste and becoming more environmentally friendly.

Read on to learn more about why retail companies should begin a waste-free transition and how they can start this journey now. Just by re-considering their stock and working alongside a recycling company to guide them in the right direction, retail companies will be able to see a massive difference in their annual wastage as a company.

How is the Retail Industry Becoming Zero-Waste?

Many retail brands have already started showcasing ways in which to cut down on their waste and be more environmentally friendly. High-end brand Dior, for example, has removed excess internal packaging, replaced instruction leaflets with scannable QR codes and removed plastic shop fit-outs for glass ones. They are helping set an example for other brands on how to reduce their waste; by even promising that all of Dior’s formulas will contain 90% natural ingredients by 2020 which isn’t far off at all. They are protecting water, soil and confronting the issues of fast fashion and production to meet consumer demands.

Experts are aware of the need to keep up with consumers, but they are implementing compostable materials and they are re-thinking their inks and dyes to become more conscious of their own brands waste production- keeping up with consumers, the right way. Another great way to reduce the likelihood of your waste being thrown into landfill is by circulating your waste back into the supply chain to reuse it; it’s all about ensuring that the end of a product’s life cycle is the start of another. By creating a cycle of reuse, recycle and reduce, we can make the retail industry much more environmentally friendly.

Even Fresco Environmental can help retail companies achieve these goals by recycling the paper and cardboard that companies cannot cut down on, as well as giving them a solution to recycling their no-longer-needed electrical items. Retail can be mainly managed online, so computers and electrical items are updated a lot more often than you may think. When we need to upgrade or throw this equipment away, Fresco Environmental can make sure that your electrical goods are disposed of legally and correctly so that they end up in proper waste streams.

What Are the Risks of Not Going Waste-Free?

If we don’t start aiming to go waste-free in the retail industry then in the next few years, there will be irreversible climate change that’ll impact us all. We have waited too long to get the facts on climate change out in the open, and now people are panicking because it almost feels too late to make changes. But, if businesses start making a change, just like individual people, then there will be a considerable, positive impact.

Recently, over thirty leading retail brands committed to a G7 Fashion Pact to implement change and revolutionise the fashion industry. If other brands want consumers who are environmentally aware to choose them over a competitor, they will be forced to follow the example set by these sustainable brands.

We have just over ten years to stop the irreparable environmental damage, so looking at our businesses and how we can change should be a number one priority. Nike set a further example for retail brands by promising to only use recycled plastics in all of their shoes and clothing by 2024. This proves that it won’t break your bank or impact your businesses reputation when you start making changes, too; in fact, all it will do is make you stand out more. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of how they purchase items, so soon, it is very likely that a high percentage of them will only seek out sustainable brands. 

Does Reducing Waste Have to Be Expensive?

You might think that as a business, finding alternative packaging and materials for your company to help reduce waste is going to be costly. But, it doesn’t have to be. Because you are spending less money on materials that are wasted, you pay less on getting rid of that waste, too. By having high-quality packaging and ethically sourced materials which can be recycled, you spend less money overall.

Moreover, Fresco Environmental is an affordable waste management provider in the North-West; helping people recycle and reduce their businesses waste in the most sustainable ways possible. We are passionate about building lasting partnerships with our customers and we create individual solutions which exceed their expectations. Our solutions provide lasting financial and environmental benefits which boost your brand’s image and not only that, but we can help you to do your part.

What Does the Future of a Zero-Waste Retail Look Like?

By working as a company to reduce your waste, and working with us to recycle what waste you do have, you can look towards a zero-waste future. In the retail industry, you might think a waste-free future is impossible. But, with the right ideas, support and motivation, it can become a reality.

Experts have already predicted many ways that zero-waste will be implemented and achieved in the retail industry. ‘Bring back bins’ is an idea for in-store retailers; this is where consumers can bring back their used products and packaging to be recycled, upcycled or reused. Click and collect services are also becoming more popular; this is where people can order online and collect their items in-store, even from as little as a few hours after purchase, depending on the items’ availability. This has been seen in a variety of stores from bookshops, to fashion stores and supermarkets. It helps reduce the costs of packing, plastic waste and the number of delivery vans driving on the roads.

Check out our website today if you want to learn more about our services and how we can help you become more environmentally conscious.

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