Cardboard and Paper

Segregating your cardboard and paper adds another tick to your business recycling and providing a greener solution.

Government legislation now places a responsibility on many organisations to recycle their packaging waste effectively and to provide evidence that they have done so.

Fresco Environmental offers competitive rebates for paper and cardboard as well as supplying FEL (Front End Loader), wheelie bins, compactors and balers depending on your business needs.

The majority of cardboard and paper recycled by Fresco Environmental is sent to mills based within the UK.

Regardless if you are looking for a rebate for your paper / cardboard, savings on your waste bill or simplifying your waste streams Fresco Environmental are on hand to offer advice and a free fully comprehensive paper and cardboard consultation.

Alternatively, you can always arrange for your cardboard and paper to be delivered to Fresco Environmental directly at no cost; contact us on 0151 423 9900 to find out more about paper and cardboard rebates.