Cardboard and Paper

Segregating your cardboard and paper adds another tick to your business recycling and providing a greener solution. Recycling your cardboard and paper is one of the easiest ways to get a head start towards total wastage management and take back charge of your wastage.  With current topical environmental issues on the rise, it’s important to work towards reducing your carbon footprint, and a great starting point is working with Fresco Environmental to properly recycle your cardboard and paper. 

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We Collect & Recycle Paper & Cardboard

Recycling your cardboard and paper is not just a positive step in the direction of improving the sustainability of yourself or your business, but it is also necessary. Government legislation now places a responsibility on many organisations to recycle their packaging waste effectively and to provide evidence that they have done so. At Fresco Environmental, we understand that this can be challenging when you have other pressing responsibilities, and you may not be sure where to start.

Most people believe they know how to properly recycle paper and cardboard, but in many cases, this can be incorrect information. The difference can be slim, but it is also worthwhile to know your facts and be fully aware of best practices when it comes to large volumes of recycling different materials together. Taking your waste management into your own hands can also prove highly costly. At Fresco Environmental, we can help you to drastically reduce your wastage bill and optimise your waste expenditure.

Recycling Solutions for Paper and Cardboard

Fresco Environmental can assist you in the best possible way to maximise your sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. Not just this, but if you decide to invest in us further, we will complete monthly, on-site visits to assess your situation and provide ongoing consultancy and total waste management in the proper, legal disposal of your waste. Fresco Environmental’s highly experienced and knowledgeable waste management professionals are fully trained in waste compliance and law so that you don’t have to be. We handle everything from disposal containers (or bins), disposal equipment to the legalities, so you can get back to focusing on your individual or business priorities. 

Fresco Environmental offers competitive rebates for paper and cardboard as well as supplying FEL (Front End Loader), wheelie bins, compactors, and balers, depending on your business needs. Our range of recycling equipment is second-to-none and competitively sustainable. We can help you with your wastage with sturdy, reliable solutions that you can depend on, no matter the size of your wastage problem. 

Recycling locally & lowering carbon emissions

The majority of cardboard and paper recycled by Fresco Environmental is sent to mills based within the UK. Local recycling is very high up on our priority list, and reducing carbon emissions as well as wastage is something that we pride ourselves on. Recycling cardboard only takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard, meaning if it is done correctly, it can have a huge environmental impact for the better. Our Total Waste Management team will deal with your cardboard and paper wastage hands-on in the utmost effective way to optimise sustainability and find the best possible recycling options for you. 

Regardless if you are looking for a rebate for your paper or cardboard, savings on your waste bill or simplifying your waste streams, Fresco Environmental are on hand to offer advice and a free fully comprehensive paper and cardboard consultation. We will listen to your needs and offer the best possible wastage solutions to reduce the environmental impact that you or your business is making for good.

A sustainable solution for waste management across the North WEst

“Fresco Environmental provides bespoke recycling and environmental services for all our clients. We operate as an integrated Total Waste Management (TWM) provider.”

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