Food Waste Collection

With so many sustainable options available for food waste / food surplus, Fresco Environmental ensures that commercial food / food surplus is fully diverted from landfill and that the food surplus is treated and converted into renewable energy.

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Food Waste Collection, Disposal & Recycling Solutions

Most food waste ends up in landfill sites, where it then rots and releases methane as a bi-product. Methane is a damaging greenhouse gas and it has a highly negative impact on the environment in large amounts. All of our total waste solutions are to the highest standard and encompasses our zero waste to landfill solutions. This means we work to reduce any negative environmental impacts that may occur from ineffective recycling, via our dedicated account management team and advanced recycling technologies. 

Depending on the type of food waste or food surplus and volume you produce, resourceful solutions are always presented to your business. Fresco Environmental will work around your business’ needs and personal budget to deliver the best solution to suit your circumstances.

Food Waste Recycling in the North-West

Fresco Environmental is passionate about building lasting partnerships with its customers, built on core values of integrity and quality. We are dedicated to working with our customers to create individual business solutions which exceed expectations, added value and exceptional customer service. 

Fresco Environmental can send commercial food surplus to either biogas or animal feed. However, a free full site consultation would be required to get a better understanding of your food waste / food surplus. Our TWM (Total Waste Management) experts can then work with you and advise you on the most sustainable and most suitable solution for your business and expenditure expectations.

We will advise you on up to date, compliant Legislation and how to fully understand your waste management to align with your core business needs. 

A total waste management solution

We attend regular on-site visits and completely monthly performance reviews with a robust KPI reporting schedule, to constantly work to see if we can improve your waste management. We are constantly working on ways to improve our services for you to match environmental and industry changes as well as adapting to your business needs as they change over time. 

We deliver lasting financial and environmental benefits. Our business solutions are fitted precisely to your needs. We deliver on our promise of professionally engineered solutions which meet your needs and deliver long-term synergistic relationships. The incorrect disposal of food waste can result in damaging greenhouse gas production and water wastage. If done correctly, you could save your business time and money, whilst also doing your crucial bit to help the environment and become a sustainable and eco-friendly business, like so many others in today’s climate conscious climate.

A sustainable solution for waste management across the North-WEst

“Fresco Environmental provides bespoke recycling and environmental services for all our clients. We operate as an integrated Total Waste Management (TWM) provider.”

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