Plastic Recycling

Plastic and polystyrene waste comes in all forms of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Waste plastic can be derived from packaging (film, bubble wrap, plastic bags), a manufacturing process or even containers such as bulk bags (PP bags), crates, trays and even buckets. We are happy to help with any of your recycling needs, being experts ourselves in plastics and the most effective way to dispose of it for the environment. 

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Recycling Plastic Services

Polystyrene is mainly used for packaging and due to its bulky nature companies often seek an economical solution to offload this waste stream, which can be complex to understand and confusing to comprehend the best solution. Fresco Environmental have numerous methods available for polystyrene waste, to help you to fully optimise your wastage disposal in the best way for you or your business. We tailor everything to your individual and specific needs, to make waste disposal easier than it’s ever been. 

Government legislation now places a responsibility on many organisations to recycle their packaging waste effectively and to provide evidence that they have done so. Fresco Environmental can help you to understand the comprehensive law surrounding the proper disposal of your plastic wastage, so that you can stay ahead of your recycling and ensure that you are meeting all of the legal requirements when it comes to the correct waste disposal methods. 

Plastic Recycling across the north-west

Fresco Environmental offers competitive rebates for plastics as well as supplying a polythene collection service, front end loader (FEL), wheelie bins, compactors and balers depending on your business needs. We have equipment of all sizes to tackle your individual needs and provide a speedy, effective waste disposal system to allow you to prioritise other responsibilities. As part of the total wastage management (TWG) that we offer, we will handle everything so that you don’t have to. No more worrying about lengthy researching, administration or extensive expenditure. Just a friendly discussion with our experienced professionals and a monthly on-site visit from Fresco Environmental

Plastic is a tough material to recycle and can have devastating effects if it is disposed of incorrectly. At Fresco Environmental, we specialise in the correct disposal equipment and techniques to make the environment safer and more ecologically friendly with the most effective plastic recycling and waste disposal solutions. 

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The ‘Attenborough effect’

The ‘Attenborough effect’ has caused 53% of people to report using less plastic in 2019 alone, and with this climate change issue at the top of most businesses priority, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how to properly recycle your plastic with current and prominent legal and environmental changes. Considering the environment has never been more crucial when it comes to plastic waste, and being able to label yourself or your business as sustainable and environmentally friendly is favourable.

Regardless if you are looking for a rebate for your plastics, polystyrene and PP bags, savings on your waste bill or simplifying your waste streams Fresco Environmental are on hand to offer advice and a free fully comprehensive plastics, polystyrene and bulk bag ( PP bag) packaging consultation. Plastic comes in a vast range of different forms and consistencies and it can be difficult to differentiate the difference between a plastic and an alternative material, which will have its own recyclable rules and regulations. Fresco Environmental can help you to be confident in what waste you are creating and how to properly manage it. 

A sustainable solution for waste management across the North-WEst

“Fresco Environmental provides bespoke recycling and environmental services for all our clients. We operate as an integrated Total Waste Management (TWM) provider.”

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