Hazardous liquid & Solid Waste

With legislation constantly changing on the disposal of hazardous liquid and solid waste. Fresco Environmental has the experience of handling and transporting hazardous waste.

All Types Of Hazardous Waste

Preparing hazardous waste by packaging, labeling, and ensuring that the paperwork is correct can be deemed as an arduous task. It can be extremely difficult to know the correct procedures that are involved with the disposal of hazardous liquid and solid waste. The Legislation surrounding Hazardous liquid and solid waste is advanced and it’s crucial that if you are in contact with these substances, you are taking the correct steps to ensure their economical and correct disposal. With Fresco Environmental, we are TWM (Total Waste Management) experts. This means that we can take these burdens away from you. We have on-site engineers to properly assess your situation each month, who will monitor your waste and ensure that we are optimising the disposal of your waste in the best way possible. We have up-to-date, competitive equipment that will ensure the safe and secure disposal of your materials. We ensure that a chemist is available (where and when required) to assist you and ensure that your hazardous liquid and/or solid waste is safe for transportation. Everything that we do is with full, expert knowledge with you at the forefront of our minds.

Hazardous waste containment

Fresco Environmental also ensures that all required certification and paperwork is in order to save your time and money. This will save you significant time and expenditure on administration, so that you can get back to prioritising your business whilst we take care of all your wastage needs. 

Even if you have all the waste prepared and fit for transportation purposes, Fresco Environmental can offer you the most suitable solution to suit your business needs, this includes transportation by a tanker, IBC or arctic. All equipment and transportation vehicles are provided by us. From start to finish, Fresco Environmental will deal with everything with legally and in the correct and most environmentally friendly way. 

Fresco Environmental will help you no matter the size of the task small or large and supply you with the appropriate solution for your waste.

Building partnerships in the north-west

Fresco Environmental is passionate about building lasting partnerships with its customers, built on core values of integrity and quality. We are dedicated to working with our customers to create individual business solutions which exceed expectations, added value and exceptional customer service. 

We also deliver lasting financial and environmental benefits. Our business solutions are fitted precisely to meet your needs. We deliver on our promise of professionally engineered solutions which meet your needs and deliver long-term synergistic relationships.

All of our total waste solutions are to the highest standard and encompasses our zero waste to landfill solutions. This means we work to reduce any negative environmental impacts that may occur from ineffective recycling, via our dedicated account management team and advanced recycling technologies. 

Hazardous waste containment

Every business has their own specific carbon footprint goals and Fresco Environmental will work with you to achieve them. We focus entirely on optimising the sustainability of your waste, no matter what the material or your personal budget. We will advise you on up-to-date, compliant Legislation and how to fully understand your waste management to align with your core business needs. 

Hazardous liquid and solid waste can feel easy to dispose of, however, it easily multiplies and when it does it’s of high importance to make sure you deal with it properly before it becomes a danger to the public and the environment. 

Contact us today on 0151 423 9900 and just ask, our friendly team is on hand to offer advice and offer a fully comprehensive hazardous waste consultation.

A sustainable solution for waste management across the North-WEst

“Fresco Environmental provides bespoke recycling and environmental services for all our clients. We operate as an integrated Total Waste Management (TWM) provider.”

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