Wood Waste Collection

Fresco Environmental can help your business remove, recycle and re-use wood waste.  This includes MDF, Hard Wood, Soft Wood, Pallets, Boxes, Ply Wood and general Packing Boxes. We have the containers and waste solutions to suit your needs.

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Wood Waste Collection, Disposal & Recycling Solutions

 Fresco Environmental is passionate about building lasting partnerships with its customers, built on core values of integrity and quality. We are dedicated to working with our customers to create individual business solutions which exceed expectations, added value and exceptional customer

Fresco Environmental will help you no matter the size of the task, small or large, with a host of solutions.  We will source the most sustainable solution and supply you with containers from Euro bins (wheelie bins), Roll on Roll off (RORO) containers, open skips and enclosed skips.

Every business has their own specific carbon footprint goals and Fresco Environmental will work with you to achieve them. We focus entirely on optimising the sustainability of your waste, no matter what the material or your personal budget. We will advise you on up to date, compliant Legislation and how to fully understand your waste management to align with your core business needs.

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Wood waste grading

Wood has been classified into grades. The grades of Wood Waste dictates the best recycling route from bio-mass, animal bedding or being reused in one form or another.

Grade A: “Clean” recycled wood – material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture and suitable for producing animal bedding and mulches.

Grade B: Industrial feedstock grade – including grade A material plus construction and demolition waste, this is suitable for making panel board.

Grade C: Fuel grade – this is made from all of the above material plus that from municipal collections and civic amenity sites and can be used for biomass fuel.

Grade D: Hazardous waste – This includes all grades of wood including treated material such as fencing and track work and requires disposal at special facilities.

Wood waste grading is defined by the Wood Recyclers Associations (WRA).

Wood waste solutions

What most people don’t know about wood, is that if it is just put on a landfill and allowed to rot, it significantly contributes towards methane (greenhouse gas) production, which is damaging to the environment and not sustainable. Methane is 23 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, meaning its mass bi-product production should be avoided at all costs. At Fresco Environmental, as part of our TWM (Total Waste Management) promise, we will make sure the distribution and disposal of the wood wastage your business has is dealt with correctly and within industry and government guidelines. All of our total waste solutions are to the highest standard and encompasses our zero waste to landfill solutions. This means we work to reduce any negative environmental impacts that may occur from ineffective recycling, via our dedicated account management team and advanced recycling technologies. 

We attend regular on-site visits and completely monthly performance reviews with a robust KPI reporting schedule, to constantly work to see if we can improve your waste management. 

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A total waste management solution

We deliver lasting financial and environmental benefits. Our business solutions are fitted precisely to your needs. We deliver on our promise of professionally engineered solutions which meet your needs and deliver long-term synergistic relationships.

By using Fresco Environmental, you will automatically save substantial expenditure, administrative burdens and valuable time doing your research, as our Waste Management experts will handle everything for you. We are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to giving you the best Total Waste Management service to suit you. 

For further information about your wood waste contact us today.  Ask our friendly team that are on hand to offer advice and a free, fully comprehensive, waste consultation.

A sustainable solution for waste management across the North-WEst

“Fresco Environmental provides bespoke recycling and environmental services for all our clients. We operate as an integrated Total Waste Management (TWM) provider.”

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