Wood waste


Fresco Environmental can help your business remove, recycle and re-use wood waste.  This includes MDF, Hard Wood, Soft Wood, Pallets, Boxes, Ply Wood and general Packing Boxes. We have the containers and waste solutions to suit your needs.

Wood has been classified into grades. The grades of Wood Waste dictates the best recycling route from bio-mass, animal bedding or being reused in one form or another.

Grade A: “Clean” recycled wood – material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture etc and suitable for producing animal bedding and mulches.

Grade B: Industrial feedstock grade – including grade A material plus construction and demolition waste, this is suitable for making panel board.

Grade C: Fuel grade – this is made from all of the above material plus that from municipal collections and civic amenity sites and can be used for biomass fuel.

Grade D:
Hazardous waste – This includes all grades of wood including treated material such as fencing and track work and requires disposal at special facilities.

Wood waste grading is defined by the Wood Recyclers Associations (WRA).

Fresco Environmental will help you no matter the size of the task, small or large, with a host of solutions.  We will source the most sustainable solution and supply you with containers from Euro bins (wheelie bins), Roll on Roll off (RORO) containers, open skips and enclosed skips.

For further information about your wood waste contact us today.  Ask our friendly team that are on hand to offer advice and a free, fully comprehensive, waste consultation.