How to Promote Sustainability This Summer

How to Promote Sustainability This Summer

With summer in full swing, we should start considering our sustainability. Just because the suns out to play doesn’t mean that we should forget about our responsibility to the environment, if anything, we should become more aware. With Summer comes festivals, days out to the fairground and outdoor activities that all come hand-in-hand with rubbish. Not to mention, the events that you hold in your home. 

Every year, households in Britain chuck away almost 450 million tonnes of household waste, most of which ends up in landfills. As an environmentally conscious company, we want this to change, and this summer, you can start reusing, reducing and recycling your waste with us. With most areas in the country only ten years away from filling their landfill sites, we need to start taking action now.

Summer Outfits

While we might want to splash the cash this summer and buy some new outfits for our holidays, fast fashion has a detrimental effect on our environment. Protecting the environment should be a top priority this summer; so, what’s the next best thing to new clothes? It’s time to dig around your wardrobe for old clothes which can be revamped and used to style new outfits. If you feel like your summer wardrobe needs a few more staple pieces, invest in brands who preach sustainability and aren’t accustomed to fast fashion. With a few base pieces, you can re-wear different items of clothing with new accessories and layers.

Better Barbeques

Whether you are hosting a barbeque for your family or your staff at work, you still need to be environmentally conscious when doing so. Most of the waste that we produce from grills can be recycled. The cardboard, paper and plastic packaging from the food can be sorted into their proper recycling streams, as well as glass bottles, jars, cans, tins and plastic bottles.

Don’t forget, you can even recycle some of the materials in large metal grills and small one-use barbeques, too. Just make sure to read the packaging to find out what aspects of your barbeques go into what waste streams. In regards to one-use plates, glasses and cutlery… Is it really worth damaging the environment just so you don’t have to wash up?

If as a business, you have a more significant waste issue that’ll be sure to impact the environment, and not only in summer, then Fresco Environmental can be beneficial to you. We can help you organize and sort out your various wastes, from paper to electronic, and dispose and recycle of these safely and legally for you. We can take away all of the stress that comes with recycling properly, and even provide you with front end loaders (FEL), wheelie bins and more depending on your businesses needs.

Summer Road Trips

Do you enjoy a few road trips rather than travelling across waters? This may be less damaging to the environment in comparison to a plan, but the car fumes will still be making their impact, too. So, to counteract this issue, why not help the environment in other ways? Make sure to pack your food and snacks in reusable containers so that you aren’t throwing plastic and cardboard into general waste bins. Often with little room in a car, you will doubtfully have the right bins handy for your waste, so you’re more likely to put all of your rubbish in one bag. By packing your food into containers, you can bring them back home, empty the waste into the right waste stream, wash the containers and use them again.

Make sure that you also bring a reusable water bottle with you that you can top up on your various stops, instead of buying bottled water that you end up throwing away without recycling. Ultimately, you can look for recycling bins at rest stops to throw your waste away correctly, and you can try and keep at least one or two small bags to separate your general waste from paper and plastics in the car.

Never Litter

We should never litter no matter the time of the year, but as we enter summer, we are more likely accustom wrappers that we might consider throwing away on the floor. Some people might not be aware of the impact of littering, while others might not care. But, if we want to help the environment, then we need to stop littering. After a lovely day out with the family, try and pack up as much of your waste as possible to put in the correct waste streams at home.

To save money, make food at home and put it into reusable plastic containers, or transfer your bought food into them before you leave. This means that you can dispose of your waste correctly before you even leave your home.

Check out our website today to learn more about how Fresco Environmental can help support your Summer plans, and help your businesses recycling goals all year round. We have various methods that help us to recycle waste effectively, from cardboard and plastic packaging to electronic items. We’re not just for Summer; let us be your all-year-round recycling solution.

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