Recycling In Hospitality

Recycling In Hospitality

When working in hospitality, in most cases, you will unavoidably accumulate a lot of waste due to packaging and food waste. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, pop-up food truck or have a canteen in your office building, packaging will consistently be an issue after buying ingredients and take away materials.

In terms of wasted food, chances are customers won’t always finish their meals and products won’t always get used up before they do out of date. Because of this, it is imperative that you know what to recycle and how best to recycle it. 

In today’s article, we’re going to be taking a closer look into how to recycle more when you are a hospitality business and the benefits of recycling in hospitality, as well as how we, at Fresco Environmental, can deliver you with a fully-rounded waste management solution for your businesses waste needs. By having an action plan for your waste, your business will become more environmentally friendly, food safety will be at an all-time high, and it’s one less thing to be concerned about. 

Waste Legislation in Hospitality

Before we address the common types of waste in hospitality, lets firstly look into waste legislation. Whatever the nature of your business in the hospitality sector, you must fulfil the same duty of care when handling waste as any other business.

The waste legislation was designed to ensure that all businesses take care of their generated waste appropriately and in favour of all parties present. Whether you have customers sat in your restaurant or staying the night in your hotel, you must meet this duty of care.

To do this, storing waste safely and securely, as well as monitoring waste and always updating data within your waste records is vital. Hazardous waste should always be segregated, as well as any other harmful substances. Lastly, you must always hire a registered waste disposal company to remove it from your premises, like us.

Types of Recycling In Hospitality

When working in hospitality, there are several waste streams that must be taken into consideration. If you work in a restaurant, chances are you will accumulate a lot more food waste, whereas as a pub will have more cardboard and glass waste. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. Packaging is a waste stream for any business. In hospitality, food, equipment, take away resources and drinks all come packaged. This can range from plastics and cardboard to polystyrene and metal. 

Then we have food waste. Did you know that the UK wastes 9.7 billion pounds worth of food every year? This may include households too, but it goes without saying that hospitality-focused businesses will play a part in this significant number. Restaurants, cafes and any type of canteens will all acquire a large amount of food waste.

Lastly, electrical equipment. If you run a bakery and your electric whisk goes, a fridge needs replacing in a pub or a restaurant’s microwave is no longer usable, where does all of this go? Electrical equipment (WEEE) is a large contributor to hospitality waste and should be dealt with accordingly.

The Benefits of Recycling in Hospitality

When recycling properly, not only does it dramatically benefit the environment, but it benefits your business too. Here are a few ways it can help you:

  1. Save Your Budget: Did you know that sending your waste to landfill is the most expensive disposal solution? Therefore, by recycling your waste efficiently through a registered waste management company, you can reduce the costs for your business, while becoming greener too.
  2. Obligations: As a business, your responsibility is to dispose of waste safely and in a system that ensures all waste streams are separated. This can be difficult if your business is mostly customer-facing, a recycling solution will keep all of your waste separate and help you to reconsider your disposal practises, making them safer.
  3. Businesses Reputation: With environmental concerns being a bigger worry than ever before, consumers set out to support businesses who are conscious in their practices. By highlighting your policy in recycling, you can build a positive reputation for your business, and therefore, be a strong competitor and encourage custom.

Then we have the smaller benefits. More room, less risk of rodent infestation and making it more convenient for your staff are all contributing factors as to why a waste management solution could help your business.

How We Can Help

Here at Fresco Environmental, we pride ourselves on offering a fully-inclusive waste management system to hospitality businesses across the North West. With our help, each of your waste streams can be dealt with accordingly, and in favour of your carbon footprint. 

Our mission is to divert all waste away from landfills. By doing this, we are reducing carbon emissions and assisting our economy in saving costs. In terms of metal, food, electrical, cardboard and plastic, we have a system that ensures all waste streams are dealt with separately and appropriately.

With our knowledge and experience as a leading total waste management solution in the North West, we go through strict practises and regulations to ensure that we’re always complying with the government’s rules. Waste management can be complex, but with our expertise, we can continuously deliver you with a bespoke waste solution to suit your businesses needs, no matter if growth or reduction arises.

Contact us today on 0151 423 9900 to find out how we deal with each type of waste, as well as how we can support your business in environmental management and your waste disposal action plan.

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