How PPE Can Protect Your Employees

How PPE Can Protect Your Employees

If you’re an employer, it is your responsibility to look after your employees. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it goes without saying that all workplaces are having to implement new measures in order to keep their customers, suppliers, employees and themselves safe. 

While PPE might seem straight forward to some, knowing why taking these extra measures is necessary and what you should be doing as compulsory measures is vital to ensure that you keep everyone safe and healthy. Continue reading this article for a closer look into how PPE can protect your employees, and for our advice on how you should be adapting to these current circumstances.

Why Is PPE Important?

PPE, also known as Personal Protective Equipment, is being spoken about all over the media. People are creating their own face masks, while others are choosing to wear no protection. As an employer, it is your sole responsibility to encourage and instruct your employees to protect themselves and others.

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has put in place the below measures. Although it is dependent on what line of work your business lies in, and if you choose to abide by these guidelines, these are consistently being vocalised as essential and vital in keeping the Coronavirus at bay.

One misconception of PPE is that it can completely stop one from spreading the virus. This is false; however, PPE can give someone a level of protection from infectious agents. 

What PPE Should I Be Providing?

The environment that you work in and what procedures you carry out will determine what PPE you and your employees should be wearing.


Gloves are only essential if your employees are cleaning or caring for someone who already has the virus. However, gloves can also be worn for peace of mind if you’re handling money or touching many surfaces each day. Double gloving is not recommended as this can waste resources and create more waste.

Face Shields

Face shields work to protect your eyes, nose and mouth. With a face shield on, you are less likely to come into contact with infectious agents. This is especially ideal if your employees work in a customer-facing position.

Face Masks

Face masks, whether you use reusable ones or disposable ones are there for mainly your employees and customers’ peace of mind. You are reducing the risk of infectious particles being received through the mouth and nose, and preventing spreading them. You must remember to regularly wash reusable masks and always wash your hands before and after applying the mask too.

Coveralls and Gowns

Again, these are essential for workers who are in a high-risk environment. This can prevent particles from clinging onto clothing where they will survive for an extended period of time.

Although this is only a brief list of what Personal Protective Equipment is needed in the workplace, we recommend that you head over to to find out what your line of work requires.

What Else Can You Do?

Providing PPE may be highly beneficial to your employees, but there are other ways that you can keep your employees safe too. Workplace cleaning practises and always carrying out risk assessments are just two examples.

By ensuring that all work surfaces are fully disinfected regularly, as well as the toilets and any area that you or your employees may come into contact with, you are eliminating any infectious agents that may be sat on these areas. 

It is said that the Coronavirus can survive anywhere from hours to days on certain surfaces —for example, it can remain for up to five days on metal and 2 to 3 days on plastic. By carrying out frequent risk assessments, you can keep on top of your infection control and ensure that you are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of further spreading.

Lastly, although this is an obvious point, supplying your customers with hand sanitising stations and employees with their own personal hand sanitiser is necessary to reduce the risk of further contamination and spreading the infection.

Not only will these measures give your employees the reassurance that you are doing everything in your power to keep them safe and comfortable, but they will also be more positive about returning to work during such an uncertain time. It is so important to continuously ask your employees how they are feeling right now as.

Some may feel that Personal Protective Equipment isn’t right for them or that they don’t want to return to work at all. By considering their opinions, you will find that your business will run smoother and that you’re highly respected for your efforts in being a good employer.

Adapting Your Business During The Pandemic

We hope that we have given you an insight into how PPE can protect your employees. If your business has been impacted by the current situation, whether that means your team are now using PPE or you are thriving due to an influx of custom, it’s vital that you are always adapting your working systems accordingly.

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