How To Recycle More On University Campuses

How To Recycle More On University Campuses

Although not all universities are operating normally in response to Covid-19, a lot of campuses will begin to re-open in September with social distancing measures in place and various other conditions. However, an ongoing issue that has been around for some time is the lack of recycling facilities on campus and in halls, which can present an even bigger issue in this current climate.

Due to this, students have been a contributing factor to littering, which in turn, impacts the environment and drains budgets as you need to hire more staff to maintain the facilities. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss ways that you can recycle more on your University Campus, as a student and as a university. With our expertise and your cooperation, we can work towards all universities becoming more environmentally conscious. 

1) More Recycling Bins

Although universities have several bins dotted all over campus, it’s not often that you see a recycling option on them. By giving students and tutors the opportunity to recycle, they are more likely to think twice when throwing away their litter. This would ideally work in libraries, food courts, halls and in between buildings for when they’re travelling to and from lectures.

Make sure that these bins have clear signs stating which is recycling and which is general waste, and keep these consistent throughout.

2) Shopping Bags

If you’re a student, it is likely that you’re going to be purchasing a weekly shop. If so, its only natural for plastic bags to accumulate. Although any plastic bag can be used again, too often these bags are thrown away improperly and end up scattered all over campus.

This is not only an issue for our environment, causing potential fatalities to wildlife, but it also begins to collect, and before you know it, your campus is full of litter. By purchasing a ‘Bag for Life” or any type of reusable bag, you will be lessening the impact that plastic is having at your university. You could even purchase branded bags for your students as a welcome gift.

3) Begin A Green Social Group

Social groups are a significant aspect of any university. You will have football, netball, rugby and even Harry Potter groups, but what about a ‘Green Group’? By raising awareness of environmental projects and how sustainability can make for a better future for your students, your university and this planet, you may begin to impact your students’ outlook on how they manage their waste.

It is your responsibility to implement change. Although it won’t necessarily encourage every student to recycle more, a small number of students is certainly a start.

4) Work Alongside Suppliers

Your canteen, drink stations, and even vending machine products will all be sourced by trusted suppliers. Although you may have a stable relationship with your suppliers, could you be making better decisions when sourcing food and drink? 

Plastic waste, especially, is mostly accumulated through food packaging. By broadening your horizons and sourcing suppliers that use sustainable packaging, you are not only reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste that your university creates, but you will instantly be fighting the issues of landfills.

5) Recycling Scheme

Does your university have a recycling scheme? Here at Fresco Environmental, we can create a total waste management solution that ensures all waste streams are dealt with appropriately and in an eco-friendly manner. Our number one mission is to divert all waste away from landfills, as well as support businesses in becoming environmentally friendly.

By assessing your university’s campus initially and regularly, we can ensure that our waste solutions fit the amount of waste that students, tutors and everyone else in between accumulates. We have several sized containers to suit all sized businesses and organisations, and we will always reduce and increase the amount where necessary.

As a leading waste management solution in the North West, we have witnessed first hand how waste accumulates in large environments. If you’re unsure as to how your waste is disposed of, the chances are it isn’t in the most environmentally friendly way.

Not only can Fresco deliver you with a bespoke waste solution, but we also pride ourselves in always beating your waste bill too. If you want to find out more about how we can support your university, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 423 9900.

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