Managing Food Waste this Christmas

Managing Food Waste this Christmas

In the UK, there are 270,000 tonnes of food waste each year. Some of that comes from the two million turkeys, five million Christmas puddings and over 74 million mince pies we buy each Christmas. So, there’s no surprise there’s food wastage and surplus when businesses try to estimate the stock they need for the greedy consumers. But what we don’t want is all this food waste going to the landfill. In 2009, 90% of our rubbish went to landfills. Now, by 2020, the UK is aiming to get 50% of all household waste recycled and that 90% down to 10%. However, many have predicted we are not far from filling up our landfills completely. So, what can we do?

Fresco Environmental aims to divert all waste from landfills and reuse, recycle and reduce waste instead. As we head into Christmas, we need to be more conscious of how much waste we are producing and how we can manage this effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. Keep reading to learn more about food waste this Christmas and how Fresco Environmental can help you dispose of your waste correctly.

Food Waste

Most of our food waste ends up in landfills where it rots and releases methane as a bi-product. Methane is a greenhouse gas which negatively impacts our environment considerably in large amounts. We want to reduce this amount of methane gas produced and help save our planet.

All of the total waste solutions we produce are to the highest standard and encompass our zero waste to landfill solutions and promise. So, we have to work to reduce the negative impacts methane and waste has on the environment with solutions such as recycling, reducing and reusing our waste. We do this via our dedicated account management teams and advanced recycling technologies which we use to help your business be more environmentally friendly.

The amount of food waste you produce as a business depends on the type of company you are. Supermarkets are more likely to have surplus food, whereas a bookstore with a small cafe attached will have much less. No matter the type of business and the volume of your waste, we have resourceful solutions. We work around your business’ needs and personal budget to deliver the best solution to suit your circumstances.

How to Manage

With Christmas coming, you might be bringing in more produce to sell to consumers stuffing their fridges, freezers and cupboards. However, sometimes we can overestimate and buy in too much product. So, what do you do with all that waste? Previously, you might have just thought about sending it to the landfill, but we are a more environmentally conscious world, and this is an opportunity to recycle your waste.

Fresco Environmental is passionate about reducing waste and creating waste solutions to suit your business needs. We build lasting partnerships with our customers, based on our core values of integrity and quality. By working closely with each company we work with, we can create individual business solutions which exceed expectations with exceptional customer service. 

This Christmas (and for the rest of the year), Fresco Environmental can send your commercial food surplus to either biogas or animal feed. To understand your waste needs and where it can go, we carry out a free full site consultation to get a better understanding. Our total waste management experts can then work with you to advise you on the most sustainable and suitable solution for your business and cost expectations.

Tailored Service

We make sure we give each client a unique service by working with them on a one-to-one client base. Rather than labelling you and stuffing you in a box, we are always thinking about how to improve your business’ specific waste management solutions. We attend regular on-site visits and complete monthly performance reviews with a robust KPI reporting schedule. All of these help us decide how we can improve your service regularly. As your company develops, we can change your waste management solutions to suit your needs.

Fresco Environmental delivers lasting financial and environmental benefits to the businesses we work with. By reducing, reusing and recycling, you can reduce the costs of waste and boost business by marketing yourself as environmentally friendly. Our business solutions deliver on the promise of professionally engineered solutions. The incorrect disposal of food waste can produce damaging greenhouse gases and water wastage. However, by working with Fresco Environmental, we can help you dispose of your waste correctly and save your business time and money.

Check out our website to learn more about Fresco Environmental and how we can help support your business waste management. Do your bit for the environment and recognise the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling your waste. Don’t hesitate from deciding on something as necessary as this, and contact us today to get started on your total waste management journey.

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