How to Recycle Paper and Cardboard Waste this Christmas

How to Recycle Paper and Cardboard Waste this Christmas

Christmas is a time for family and fun – and for many, it’s a time to get excited ripping paper off boxes and screaming in delight at the presents we uncover. While this is an enjoyable ritual for many, it also causes lots of waste. In the UK alone, we create 30% more waste during the festive period than usual, with most of it coming from the paper and cardboard waste associated with presents. To put this in perspective, the average adult in the UK spends £330 on gifts, with the average child getting 16 presents. That’s a lot of wrapping paper to use!

When it comes down to your business there are many ways that the festive period impacts your paper and cardboard waste. You may be shipping out more products and creating excess shipping waste or it could simply be your large business has a lot of wrapping paper left over from the Secret Santa. Either way you can end up with much more paper and cardboard waste during this period than usual. But paper and cardboard waste is an all-year round issue that we need to be aware of. We need to segregate our cardboard and paper waste so that it can be recycled correctly and make your company greener. Recycling paper and cardboard is the easiest way to start making your company more environmentally friendly and take back charge of your wastage.

Keep reading to learn more about paper and cardboard wastage and how a total waste management plan can help you be more conscious of your waste and make sure all your waste is diverted from landfills and reused or recycled instead.

Paper and Cardboard Waste

We shouldn’t just recycle our paper and cardboard waste because we want to be more environmentally conscious, we should do it because we have to – it’s the law. Government legislation now places a responsibility on many organisations and businesses to recycle their packaging waste effectively and provide evidence that they have done so. While you are recycling your product packaging, you can also be sorting your paper and cardboard waste from inside the workplace as well, making sure nothing is left out.

At Fresco Environmental, we can help you recycle your paper and cardboard waste effectively this Christmas (and all year round too). We understand that it can be hard to recycle when you have other responsibilities, like running a business and caring for your employees. And others feel like they know how to effectively recycle, but in fact, they are doing it incorrectly. Whatever the reason, Fresco Environmental is here to help you to recycle correctly and be fully aware of the best practise when it comes to large volumes of recycling different materials together.

Separate Waste Properly

If you want to recycle correctly in your workplace, then you need to make sure you are encouraging your employees to recycle their waste. While you can place signs and have the proper bins for them to dispose of waste into, you need to make sure they are separating their waste correctly. You need to make sure the bins are labelled correctly, so staff know where to dispose of their various wastes like paper and plastics. If a waste stream is contaminated and not noticed by you, then you can risk losing all of due to improper disposal.

Send out an email, hold a meeting and remind your employees that they need to dispose of their waste correctly. Keep on top of things and always check people are recycling their waste; try eliminating general waste bins or reducing their number in the office so that employees rely on the recycling bins more.

Fresco Environmental

Fresco Environmental offer free consultations so that we can understand your paper and cardboard waste needs. This helps us know how we can support your disposal needs and maximise your sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. We will also complete monthly, on-site visits to assess your situation and provide on-going consultancy and total waste management legally and adequately.

Our waste management professionals are fully trained in waste compliance and law so that you don’t have to be. We understand that waste management can be confusing, so we take all the stress away from you and handle everything. We use disposal containers or bins, disposal equipment and front end loaders to dispose of your waste and let you focus on your individual or business responsibilities.

The majority of cardboard and paper recycled by Fresco Environmental is sent to mills based in the UK. We believe in local recycling and reducing carbon emissions as pride ourselves on diverting waste from landfills is something we are proud of. Recycling cardboard only takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard which can have a significantly good environmental impact. Let our team take over your waste management for you, and let Christmas be the start of a new environmentally-friendly path towards a brighter future. The more waste you recycle, the business you can gain as consumers are more conscious about the companies they work with.

Check out our website today to learn more about Fresco Environmental and how our services can benefit your business financially, environmentally and morally. With our support and dedication, you can turn your business into a green company who is environmentally conscious and determined to have zero waste sent to landfills.

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