A Metal Waste System to Suit Your Business Needs

A Metal Waste System to Suit Your Business Needs

When we think of waste, we often refer to plastics, cardboard and glass as these are generally widely recycled, and we have bins for them at home as well as at our place of work. But, metal waste is also a massive contributor to our growing landfills, and by cracking down on the recycling of this substance, we can start to promote healthy change to our environment.

Whether you have been left in charge of improving recycling at your workplace or are a CEO or manager looking to improve your brand’s image, this blog can help you. Read on for more information on what metal waste is and how Fresco Environmental can create a successful metal waste solution to suit your businesses needs.

What is Metal Waste?

A household uses approximately 600 steel cans per year; a number which businesses triple in their annual amount of metal waste. This can vary based on the size of the company, but it is still a substantial amount of waste which needs to be taken care of appropriately. Metal is used so frequently that people often forget to recycle it; leading to large amounts being wasted and sent to landfill sites. 

Cans from beans, soup and other food substances often make up most of our metal waste, but metal waste can be anything metal-like. As long as you are only throwing away the metal components of the item that are recyclable then it can go in the right metal waste stream, while other aspects like cardboard, plastic and glass go in their respective streams. You must separate the waste, otherwise, you risk contaminating the other streams which will lead to more waste being sent to landfills.

Having a Total Waste Management company supporting the recycling of your metal waste can ensure that you are doing it with compliance to suit both the law and your business’ financial situation. Recycling metal is straightforward to do, but the laws surrounding it, the collection and recycling of it can be complicated for a company of any size. So, Fresco Environmental can handle all this for you. Read on to learn more about how we do this, and how it would benefit your business.

Metal Waste Management

At Fresco Environmental, we have a variety of solutions to help make sure that you are getting the most out of your metal waste. Our total waste solutions are designed to take metal away from landfills and make sure it is recycled and reused. We aim to help businesses reach a zero-waste goal and become completely environmentally conscious and friendly. We have a dedicated account management team who work with each company; treating them as unique individual cases based on the business needs and budget. Our advanced recycling technologies make it easy to avoid ineffective recycling and adverse environmental effects.

Deciding to recycle metal waste can be costly and time-consuming, so Fresco Environmental work quickly to tackle your waste problems and create a metal waste system that benefits your business environmentally and financially. We offer our services at an affordable price while handling everything from start to finish, taking the stress off of your hands.

Recycling your metal waste can benefit your company’s financial situation as you will be turning your metal waste into a source of revenue for your business. This income stream can be profitable for you and economically friendly at the same time. You optimise the materials you already have, saving your business expenditure by not buying new metal; reducing your overall costs, too.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Recycling your metal waste with Fresco Environmental can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint; something we have to be aware of in this day and age. Metal is one of the fastest recycled materials; with aluminium cans being recycled and placed back on supermarket shelves in just 60 days. Therefore, in just two months, we can already see the benefits. 

With more metal being recycled, the production of newer materials is reduced, keeping more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. By personally contributing to this, and not buying as many new metal products, your carbon footprint as a business is reduced. Fresco Environmental can support this no matter the amount of waste or size of your business by supplying you with containers such as a Roll on Roll off (RORO) and enclosed and open skips.

Check out our website today to learn more about Fresco Environmental as a Total Waste Management company and how we can support your recycling of metal. If you have an aim to improve on your recycling or even implement zero-waste strategies then we can provide you with the equipment that you’ll need to dispose of materials correctly, and we can also handle all of the recycling for you. All you need to do is make sure that your employees are throwing their rubbish away in the right bins!

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