Why You Should Trust Us to Contain Your Hazardous Waste

Why You Should Trust Us to Contain Your Hazardous Waste

The term hazardous waste might make you think of toxic, radioactive substances leaking out of barrels, but there’s so much more to it. In reality, the term actually applies to a lot of typical household and business waste; Hazardous waste is simply any type of waste that can be harmful to the environment. Because of this, it is imperative that you dispose of this type of waste correctly and in the most environmentally friendly way possible, which can often be complicated for certain businesses. Fresco Environmental takes the stress off of businesses when disposing of this waste; not only that, but they take care of every aspect when it comes to recycling it so that it is dealt with properly.

Read on to find out why you should trust Fresco Environmental to handle your businesses Hazardous Waste and how our recycling procedures can be beneficial to you.

Types of Hazardous Waste

There are various types of hazardous waste, such as oils, fuels, solvents and paints. These types may be easy to identify, but there are others which can be much more complex- for example, asbestos, batteries and chemicals. There’s also solvents, pesticides and equipment containing ozone-depleting substances like fridges. Are any of these types of hazardous waste produced at your place?

Generally, anything that is corrosive, toxic or flammable is a hazardous waste and needs to be identified as such and disposed of appropriately. This is where Fresco Environmental can benefit your business; we can not only identify your waste, but we can dispose of it in the right way, guaranteeing that as little damage to the environment occurs. 

Regulations and Fines

If you don’t identify your hazardous waste so that you will dispose of it appropriately, then you could face a penalty from breaking the regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is serious about the disposal of hazardous waste; they have regulations in place to ensure that all of the correct procedures are followed when safely removing and disposing of such damaging chemicals.

If you fail to comply with the EPA’s regulations then you could be issued a £5,000 fine. However, as these regulations can be challenging to follow, some businesses may become worried that they will be weighed down from having to pay so many fines. If you are unsure if you are following the regulations correctly or are in need of guidance in doing so, feel free to contact us here at Fresco Environmental.

Why Do We Recycle Hazardous Waste, You Ask?

We recycle hazardous waste because this is the best way to protect our ecosystem and environment. Recycling, the most beneficial solution to the disposing of hazardous waste helps to protect habitats that would otherwise be destroyed by solvents and heavy metals; causing toxic substances to seep into the soil and contaminate our water supplies. This ruins habitats and fauna nearby, as well as causing a shift in the ecosystem. It’s tough to clean such substances when absorbed into the earth, so usually, it is inevitable that they take their course and leave terrible long-lasting effects.

Recycling our hazardous waste also helps us reduce our consumption of raw materials- creating less hazardous produce in the next generation of products. This can help you maintain or lower the amount of hazardous waste in the environment. Not only is this environmentally beneficial, but it also benefits you financially as well; through recycling, production becomes more efficient which means that the costs of purchasing raw materials are reduced as there is less in demand.

Recycling our hazardous waste as a business also means that we burn fewer fossil fuels and reduce our emissions. Fossil fuels are a limited resource which needs to be preserved. Recycling requires less energy, meaning fewer fuels will be burned; this also helps reduce the number of harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

If you need help with recycling your hazardous waste because you’re unsure of how, you simply do not have the time or you want your brand to become more environmentally friendly, then contact us today. At Fresco Environmental, we make it our mission to recycle all types of waste, including Hazardous and by avoiding filling landfills, too. Work with us now to start disposing of your waste in the most efficient way, and to help our environment’s future.

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