What is WEEE?

What is WEEE?

When considering your businesses waste, you might not have even thought about the number of electrical items that you dispose of, too. We are all aware that we can recycle the paper, cardboard, glass and plastic that we accumulate in the office. But, what we might not know is that we can even recycle most electrical waste, too. Although, this can be complicated; we have to follow specific regulations to ensure that each item goes into the right waste stream. With the help of Fresco Environmental, you can legally and safely dispose of and recycle your electrical waste.

Read on to learn more about what WEEE is and how you can start recycling your electrical items, the sustainable way. Remember, recycling not only massively helps the environment, but it boosts your businesses publicity, too.

What is WEEE?

The WEEE Directive was first introduced by the EU to reduce the amount of electrical waste that ends up in landfills. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and the reason behind most of the items that come under this category ending up in landfill is due to the fact that many people are not knowledgable in that it can be recycled. So, it’s time to get clued up.

The WEEE Directive includes a national WEEE processing system and various collection points to help make recycling easier for consumers and businesses. You can separate your electrical items into the correct waste streams, making it easier for the items to be tracked, processed and reported to the national enforcement authority. This means that the waste can be handled in a safe and environmentally friendly way that stays in line with the law.

How to Dispose of WEEE

Fresco Environmental understands that recycling your electrical waste can be confusing, so by allowing us to take on this responsibility for you, it will allow you to solely focus on other aspects of your business. If your company produces electrical waste then you are expected to carry out the correct processes of WEEE to ensure that it is properly and safely disposed of. As a TWM (Total Waste Management) provider, we can help you manage your electrical waste properly, ensuring less electrical waste goes to landfills, and more is recycled.

We will oversee the entire process of your electrical disposal; managing, distributing and disposing of your electronic waste so that it goes further. We like to regularly visit your business on-site to keep up-to-date with your businesses needs; from this, we are able to provide you with monthly performance reviews with a KPI reporting schedule to make sure we are always doing the most we can for your company.

While you might understand how to recycle your paper, cardboard and plastic packaging waste at work, WEEE might be too complex for you to follow. But fear not, we are 100% compliant and knowledgeable with the law surrounding WEEE and so, we will always dispose of your waste safely and legally. 

WEEE Regulations

New WEEE concerns EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) that has been on the market since August 15, 2005. Standard practice means that New WEEE contains a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol to help promote recycling and avoid placing dangerous materials into the wrong waste stream.

WEE materials are broken down into five waste streams. The first is large domestic appliances (LDA) which include washing machines, cookers and dishwashers, for example. The second is cooling appliances like fridges and freezers. Next, CRT’s (cathode ray tubes) which include televisions and computer monitors, as well as fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. And finally, SDA (small domestic appliances)- kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners and toasters.

Let Fresco Environmental handle all of the recycling of your WEEE products that are found in the various waste streams above. It can often be confusing or complicated to understand this system, but with our extensive knowledge, we can take care of this for you. Check out our website today to learn more about how we can help you with your electrical recycling.

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