Why Businesses Should Take Notice of The Attenborough Effect

Why Businesses Should Take Notice of The Attenborough Effect

Plastic waste has been an increasing problem in the UK over the past century. With the rapid rise in food and drink packaging, it’s become incredibly difficult to avoid plastic. With one million plastic bottles sold every minute, plastic is such a big part of everyone’s lives that it seems almost impossible to reduce our daily usage. 

From a computer keyboard to a phone case, going plastic-free seems almost impossible. However, after the release of Blue Planet II that was first broadcasted in October of 2017, viewers were exposed to some shocking truths about plastic. It was revealed that plastic pollution inevitably ends up in the oceans, where it poses a significant threat to marine life and biodiversity. 

With 14 million people from the British population tuning in to the programme, a recent report by GlobalWebIndex has reported over 53% of people across the UK and US have reported to have reduced their plastic waste drastically as a result, which has been labelled ‘The Attenborough Effect.’ Every business has a responsibility, both legally and ethically to take steps to improve their recycling and contribute positively to the future of the planet. Continue reading to see why your business should take notice of the Attenborough Effect and how Fresco Environmental can help. 

The Environment

The effect non-recyclable plastic has on the environment is devastating. It is estimated that by 2050, 3.12 billion tonnes of plastic will be in landfill. Each piece of plastic takes 450 years to biodegrade alone, and so the question stands as to where is it all going to go? With the amount of damage that plastic is doing to the Earth as well as its devastating effects on wildlife, businesses should be doing the best that they can to avoid contribution. 

Substantial levels of methane are produced when plastic bags begin to biodegrade, which traps heat and warms the planet 86 times more than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. This greenhouse gas is one of the primary threats to our planet and has been one of the driving forces of the ‘war on plastic.’

At Fresco Environmental, we provide specialised bins and containers for your plastic wastage, as well as free consultations as how to best optimise your businesses recycling plan. We will dispose of your plastic safely and economically, making it easier than ever to label your business ‘eco-friendly’ and thus, appealing to a wider range of clientele. In a society of green activism, it’s important that your business promotes environmental and positive change, in order to stay relevant and show that you are both adaptable and taking note of the current eco-system. 


Did you know that every type of sea turtle is living with plastic in its stomach? Microplastics were also brought to the attention of the public eye as part of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series and proved shocking to many viewers. Microplastics are tiny beads of microscopic plastic that are produced as a bi-product to plastic breaking down. 

These microplastics heavily pollute the majority of the oceans, causing much aquatic life to eat or ingest them. The chemicals released from these plastics can be fatally destructive to living creatures and as a result, many businesses are attempting to go ‘plastic-free.’ The journey to a  ‘plastic-free’ business is simpler than you might think. Simply swapping out those plastic cups on the water cooler and using the glass cups in the cupboard, replacing those plastic knives and forks with reusable metal ones and choosing the ‘no bag’ option when ordering office products and stationery, are just a few solutions. 

However you choose to make the change, the one that will have the biggest impact will be how you deal with your plastic disposal. Regardless if you are looking for a rebate for your plastics, polystyrene and PP bags, savings on your waste bill or simplifying your waste streams, Fresco Environmental will offer your business honest and professional advice in a free, fully comprehensive plastics, polystyrene and bulk bag (PP bag) packaging consultation. 

Expand Your Clientele 

The ‘Attenborough Effect’ has seen a rise in willingness to pay for eco-friendly products, increasing from 49 percent of general consumers in 2011 to 57 percent in 2018. In this study, it was noted that the majority of people making changes and actively avoiding plastic were of the younger generation. These consumers are the future of your target audience and appealing to them is essential in order to beat your competitors. 

Your clients care about sustainability and you should too. Fresco Environmental will help your business become confident in recognising the plastic waste that you are generating and help you to dispose of and manage it effectively so that you can proudly label your business sustainable and make you more attractive to eco-conscious clientele. 

The Future of Our World

The planet is in our hands and taking responsibility now and advocating sustainable recycling will contribute massively to its future. The UK Government has very recently declared a national ‘climate change emergency’ to try and begin enforcing hard-hitting, urgent changes to try and protect our planet’s future. 

The time for your business to take notice of the Attenborough Effect is now, and Fresco Environmental can help you to do so. At Fresco Environmental, we are advocates for sustainability and will work with your business to reduce your plastic usage, identify key changes that you can make and transform your eco-philosophy and recycling methods for good. Visit our website now or call us on 0151 423 9900 for further information.

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