The Importance Of Cleanliness Post-COVID-19

The Importance Of Cleanliness Post-COVID-19

No matter the industry that your business lies in, cleanliness will be a priority post-Covid-19, as well as now. Whether you’re in hospitality, construction or working in an office, your hygiene needs to be taken care of appropriately so that you don’t run the risk of cross-contamination and spreading the coronavirus. 

Therefore, enhanced steps must be put in place so that all employees are kept safe and healthy. Now that businesses are looking to resume work which is beneficial to our economy and the livelihoods of employees, its time that we work together to explore ways in which we can continue our operations in the safest way.

Continue reading this blog for a closer look into the importance of cleanliness in the workplace, post-COVID-19 and now, as well as what you can implement into your workplace so that you’re giving your team the best chances at staying safe and healthy. 

Why Is It Important To Stay Clean?

If you do not take extra precautions when handling equipment, packaging, food and any other communal surfaces that could potentially have coronavirus germs on them, you will run the risk of catching it yourself, passing it to those who you live with and anyone else that you have contact with.

Did you know that studies have proved that the virus can last up to 24 hours on cardboard services and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel? Because of these staggering facts, it is crucial that you are consistently cleaning surfaces, products and anything that you or others are making regular contact with, as well as your hands.

Lives have been lost, and those who are still suffering or are working to save those who have been unfortunate in these circumstances need you to be vigilant on what actions you’re taking to prevent further spreading.

Wash Your Hands

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many individuals forget to do this when needed. Yes, washing your hands after going to the toilet is vital but so is washing your hands after touching the kettle that your employees have touched, after touching boxes that you’re stacking in the warehouse and surfaces that your team might be working off too.

It is also imperative that you’re washing them properly too. We don’t just mean a quick 30-second splash, but instead, following the NHS guidelines which will educate you on how to wash your hands thoroughly and so that you can be confident that they are actually clean.

Providing PPE

Face masks, gloves, protective clothing and face shields are the main types of PPE that you should be providing your employees. If social distancing is easier for you and your colleagues, face shields and protective clothing may not be needed. Still, face masks and gloves are two basic necessities that can prevent surfaces and objects from being touched, and bodily fluids from being shared.

Providing hand sanitiser for your employees is recommended too. By encouraging them to use antibacterial gel by placing them on all desks or workbenches, they are more likely to remember to use it and keep the workspace safe.

Thorough Cleaning

Additionally, to the previous points, enhanced cleaning of surfaces and all types of objects will reduce the risk of cross-contamination. By investing in large amounts of disinfectant and having you and your team undergo an enhanced cleaning routine after every shift or every hour depending on the nature of your business, this can hugely reduce the chances of spreading the viruses via objects. 

Cleaning the floors is also just as important. You might not realise it, but during the day, while you cough, sneeze or even speak, you are releasing saliva particles which inevitably hit your surroundings. Then, you may drop something and pick it up off the floor, or when you get home, you may go to take off your shoes and end up touching the sole by accident; whatever the reason, you could be spreading germs.

How We Can Help

Now that we’ve given you our guidance on the importance of cleanliness post-COVID-19, how to keep you and your employees safe and how to reduce the risks of spreading the infection, its time to talk about how we can support you in doing so. Here at Fresco Environmental, we pride ourselves on helping businesses in the North West to dispose of all types of waste in the most environmentally-conscious way.

Whether you are or will accumulate significantly more waste due to the packaging from PPE, the PPE waste itself or packaging as a whole due to an influx of custom, we can provide you with a flexible and reliable waste management service to fit your businesses needs.

By assigning us the responsibility to take care of your waste, you will be able to focus on more important parts of your business – such as ensuring your team and customers stay safe. We also ensure that your waste is being taken care of in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible and diverted away from landfills.

We try our best to recycle all types of waste so that it can be used as a vital energy resource. For further information on how we can design and implement a waste management service to suit your business, and one that grows and reduces according to your businesses needs, head over to our website. Please take extra care and stay safe.

Visit the BBC’s website for more essential information on the importance of cleanliness at this time.

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