How to Prepare Your Business for Post-Lockdown

How to Prepare Your Business for Post-Lockdown

With the coronavirus outbreak halting life as we know it on a global scale, your business must use this period of lockdown to get prepared for the boom that will most likely happen once this duration is over. Read on to find out how the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is impacting upon businesses and how you can save precious pounds by re-evaluating your waste management.

The Covid-19 virus is spreading quickly, with a total of 1,282,259 cases approximately worldwide. The UK now seems to be following a similar trend to Italy and Spain, with 5,914 confirmed cases and  a rising death toll. A lockdown may leave your business in uncertain times, but a shutdown period and social distancing measures are the best ways for us all to thrive in the long run. 

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting every single person, with us all having to adapt to help reduce the spread and keep the peak of the curve within the NHS’ operating capacity. By staying indoors and keeping our distance from friends and family; we are all doing our bit. However, it is not just the NHS coming under attack. The Covid-19 virus is also having a detrimental effect on our economy.

The Effects of Lockdown on Businesses

With business and venues being closed for a period of lockdown, the Government has put these extreme measures and closures in place to help stop non-essential contact and any unnecessary travel, in line with public guidance. Our high streets are coming under attack with more and more retailers calling for emergency action to stay afloat.

Another industry which has been hit hard is hospitality. With many hourly workers laid off, despite the Government’s job retention scheme, pubs and restaurants are doing all they can to reduce their outgoings. The introduction of social distancing measures before the UK officially entered a period of lockdown on 23rd March. This unprecedented step was made in an attempt to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Pubs and restaurants were in fact instructed to close by Saturday 21st March, following the call to the public to socially distance. 

Even with Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s £7 billion budget package, aimed to help businesses through these difficult times with business rate relief and new hardship fund, many businesses just cannot afford to wait out the lockdown. Impacted by a significant reduction in their cash flow, these companies are now looking for more extreme measures to make savings. 

Prepare for the Post-Lockdown Boom

It’s easy to feel gloomy during these uncertain times; although, as a business owner it is vital that you stay positive and focus efforts on getting your business ready for the inevitable surge post-lockdown. In order to give your business the best chance of success, you must endeavour to keep running costs as lean as possible. 

As a business owner, you must keep busy and focus on ensuring your company is running as efficiently as possible. This will stand your business in good stead for after the coronavirus pandemic has passed. In order to stay afloat, and protect more employees jobs, why not re-evaluate your businesses waste management system? If you’re looking to cut costs, here at Fresco Environmental, we are confident that we can beat your current waste bill.

There are also opportunities for businesses to use their waste management system in order to get some money back from new profit streams. At Fresco Environmental, we offer competitive rebate options on several of our waste streams. We provide a rebate for paper and cardboard, helping your business to increase your recycling as well as your profits. The paper and cardboard we collect are recycled at mills locally in the UK, which helps to cut your company’s carbon footprint too. 

Whether you are looking for some extra financial income to help balance the books or make some savings on your waste bill, Fresco Environmental is here to help you simplify your business’ waste management. We listen to your needs and offer the best possible wastage solutions to reduce your business’ environmental impact.

Implement New Recycling Schemes

Although business may not be booming right now, the lockdown is a great time to introduce new recycling schemes into your business’ processes. With the time and energy to implement new systems, and educate your staff on how these measures are essential, your business can kick-start its efforts to ‘go green’. 

Thinking further ahead, reusing and recycled packaging is a simple but effective way for your company to save costs. With packaging being the most significant contributor to warehouse waste by ensuring your workforce use appropriately sized boxes for packaging goods will help reduce costs. Something as simple as collecting excessive plastic wrap and loose-fill to be used again can mount up over time.

Similarly, by introducing colour-coded recycling bins into offices, loading bays and other stations throughout your business’ facility, your workers will find it easy to adopt a reduce, reuse, recycle approach. Rather than using a mixed waste recycling bin, many workers will be more likely to start recycling and reusing if the new recycling systems are simpler than the old procedures. Sorting through mixed waste bins, becomes yet another job on their list and many will feel less inclined to hunt through for recyclable waste. If your new systems are self-explanatory and fit sleekly into normal working processes, your recycling scheme will be a more successful one.

Once a recycling scheme is established, and all your workers are on board with the new processes, all of your business’ waste will have a designated route through your company’s establishment. By implementing these systems during the lockdown period it will enable everyone to get up-to-date and familiar with your business’ new initiatives. This means that post-lockdown, your company will be ready to hit the ground running, and your company’s performance will remain unaffected.

Go Green and Save Money

At Fresco, we pride ourselves with high-quality waste solutions with a zero waste to landfill policy. Therefore, we are continually observing new and alternative ways to recycle and reuse our waste to avoid taking any leftover waste to landfill sites.  

With our un-recoverable waste processed into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Derived Fuel (SDF), we help create renewable sources of electricity for a greener future. We also provide recycling solutions and waste collection for metal, wood, WEEE and plastic waste, see how we can help your company ‘go green’ and save money. For more information speak to us today on 0151 423 9900 or drop us an email to, to see how we can help your business get ready for the post-lockdown.

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