Hazardous liquid

Hazardous liquid & Solid Waste

With legislation constantly changing on the disposal of hazardous liquid and solid waste. Fresco Environmental has the experience of handling and transporting hazardous waste.

Preparing hazardous waste by packaging, labelling and ensuring that the paperwork is correct can be deemed as an arduous task. We ensure that a chemist is available (where and when required) to assist you and ensure that your hazardous liquid and/or solid waste is safe for transportation.

Fresco Environmental also ensures that all required certification and paperwork is in order to save your time and money.

Even if you have all the waste prepared and fit for transportation purposes, Fresco Environmental can offer you the solution to suit your business needs, this includes transportation by a tanker, IBC or arctic.

Fresco Environmental will help you no matter the size of the task small or large and supply you with the appropriate solution for your waste.

Contact us today on 0151 423 9900 and just ask, our friendly team are on hand to offer advice and offer a fully comprehensive hazardous waste consultation.