Creating a Recycling Plan for a Better Year at Work

Creating a Recycling Plan for a Better Year at Work

We want every year to be better than the last in regards to work; we want happier employees, more profit, and to appear as a credible, desirable brand. So how can we do this? It’s more than merely having great products; you need to have a great profile too. If you are burning fossil fuels and tearing down the Amazon rainforest, it’s likely in this day and age consumers aren’t going to be your friends. A 2017 study showed that 87% of consumers would have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues.

Keep reading to learn more about how a recycling plan can help your business be more green in 2020, and make you more appealing to consumers. Not only should you start caring more about your wastage for the profit, but also because of a moral obligation. We hear so often in the news we are only 50 years away from unchangeable damage to our environment unless we take action now.

Bins and Signs

You can start creating a recycling plan from minimal actions, like having recycling bins available to your office workers. When we are working behind a desk for eight hours a day, we are likely to snack, eat our lunch there and throw the rubbish into a general bin under the desk. Everything from food waste to plastics and paper can end up in here when they could be recycled instead. Addressing this is a significant first step towards improved recycling. 

Remove general waste bins from people’s office space and instead have a communal recycling centre in the office. Here people can separate their waste and put them in the right containers for recycling. Make sure you have signs indicating where the bins are and what bins are for which rubbish too. If people are confused, they will put their waste in the wrong stream and contaminate it all.

Make Employees Aware

Employees need to be aware of this change in the workplace so they can make sure they are disposing of their waste correctly. You need all of your employees on board if you want to see real change in the workplace. Send out an email blast, have a meeting or go round telling employees (as you remove their bins) of the new change. Employees would prefer a heads up, so they know they need to start separating their waste before disposing of it.

Have signs around the office and near the bins to remind them of the new changes and rules regarding waste disposal. Let them have a say in where the containers are and how many, so they aren’t as opposed to this sudden change. If all of a sudden they are walking to the other side of the office to throw away a wrapper, they might be annoyed. Take into consideration the size of the office, the number of workers and their opinions when choosing where the bins should go.

Change Your Packaging

You can start recycling outside of the office too. Think about the way you package your products ready for dispatch. Do you use lots of plastic wrapping which could be changed for something else? Rather than using excessive plastic wrapping, you can look at ways to cut down or change your materials completely.

If you change to more recyclable materials like cardboard, then you will have a better image to consumers. 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues. If you change your packaging material and promote this on your social media, not only are you benefiting the environment, but you satisfy consumers too.

Fresco Environmental

Fresco Environmental can support you and your total waste management needs. With a specialist team of trained individuals, we work on meeting your specific needs and desires for waste and recycling. Whether you have loads of cardboard to dispose of environmentally or metal waste you can’t remove effectively from the site, then Fresco Environmental can meet your needs.

With a full on-site review and regular KPI reports and more, we are always looking for ways to update our methods and service for you. If your business needs change and you need more waste removal, we change to suit you. We aim to create zero-waste businesses and move all the waste we take from your sites away from landfills. Whether you have food waste or paper waste, we look towards ways we can dispose of and recycle the waste environmentally. Food waste can become biogas and animal feed, while paper and plastics are recycled for further use.

Check out our website today to learn more about Fresco Environmental and how we can help support your business’ waste management. If you want to start a recycling plan for positive change, then you can provide you with advice, support and the tools you need to head towards a zero-waste policy. Don’t waste time and get in contact today to learn how we can help you.

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