ith the Recycling association warning businesses in November 2015 not to be over complacent over the pricing and current falling prices in the international markets. The price of commodities has been the strongest talking point within the waste industry with the association claiming that the revenue available from the sale of recyclables has fallen significantly when compared to twelve months ago. The comments have led the Association to tell producers and retailers to ‘manage their expectations’ over the cost of handling waste material (Source: Letsrecycle.com).

Although, there seems to be mixed feelings about commodity prices within the UK and the value of recyclable materials such as polythene, paper and cardboard, there are best practices that can be implemented by customers such as ensuring that cardboard and paper is kept dry. The value also increases if commodities are baled, for example, customers who produce a significant amount of recyclable waste (for example cardboard) to what is known in the industry as mill size bales.

Fresco Environmental; however, buck this trend due to its long lasting relationships with end users and mills. These relationships are built on trust, integrity and sheer volume that Fresco Environmental produces and results in stronger prices for commodities. Thus, this ensures that Fresco environmental is able to offer stronger and extremely competitive rebates for our customers.

The relationships forged by Fresco Environmental are mirrored with manufacturers and processors of commodities such as plastic (for example polythene).

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