ecycling and waste segregation has now become the norm for both businesses and households. Many businesses and households struggle to store cardboard until collection and it normally involves a visit to a household waste recycling centre with no reward for the individual’s cardboard commodity. As a result of this, Fresco Environmental has just launched their ‘Cash for Cardboard’ initiative.

The ‘Cash for Cardboard’ initiative is open to both members of the public and commercial businesses. Individuals and businesses can convert their cardboard waste into cash for a minimum of 400 kilograms of cardboard.

The same offer will also be applicable to paper, where again 400 kilograms of paper waste will provide customers with a cash reward.

Lee Heaps, Managing Director of Fresco Environmental said ‘The Cash for Cardboard initiative continues the Fresco Environmental ethos of ensuring that waste cardboard and paper is not only recycled but also saves the need for cutting down trees.’

The importance of recycling cardboard and paper versus sending this valuable commodity for incineration at Energy from Waste plant is paramount. The more cardboard and paper that goes
through the recycling process, the less need there is to cut down acres of trees.

Every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water. Based on the study, WRAP considers that it is reasonable to say that recycling 1 tonne of paper and cardboard will avoid 1.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent compared to landfill, and 0.62 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent compared to incineration.

Fresco Environmental runs a fleet of dedicated refuse collection vehicles that will only lift cardboard and paper to avoid contamination this falls part of the companies commitment to reducing landfill and offer its customers zero waste to landfill solutions.

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